A duck and a pig went to sea..

In a beautiful pea green lettuce cup..

Ok.. Not quite the classic story.. Yet this is a lovely supper..

First off lettuce cups are cool, we all know that .. right?

We love them all-ways..

And rice fry’s are cool too.. Right?

Ok.. For these it was pretty simple..

PUT THE TWO TOGETHER! (In caps because it makes me happy , the thought of these two things together )

Roasted off some ducks legs that I had seasoned with five spice and soy sauce. Left to cool ..

Shredded the meat and chopped with a roscoff onion, garlic and ginger..

Fried off in the pan with pimped chilli oil and some butter..and chili togarashi

Once looking and smelling wonderful.. Added the rice .. Ok I could have made my own yet these packet ones from Tilda really are rather tasty and easy .. and this supper is all about that ..

Then add the chopped prosciutto ..

Once you feel it’s ready. It depends how crispy you want the rice to go really.. Then season and I add a little sweet chilli sauce to the mix..

Pop into the leaves and devour!

See lettuce cups really are cool!








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2 replies

  1. Well at least you were not cooking up and owl and a pussy cat 🙂


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