Leftover chilli wraps & a bit of Argy bargey

Still on left overs..

This time the lamb chilli.. By now well and truly ‘developed’ in flavours!

Yet they say that chilli is best when left to do its thang for a while ,(who are they anyways?) ..

So what to do with it? Hmmm

Ok give title if the post gives it away!

Wraps.. Kinda wraps.. Taken some great flatbreads from the warburton family bakery.. placed the chilli atop.. whooped up a fresh salsa .. added some sour cream. (all of this being use up products ).. rolled up topped with cheese and jalepenos . Into the oven to cook through..

Dunno why the cheese didn’t melt some more . Mrs Fitz enjoyed it though ..

Also had a bit of Argy bargey ..onion bhaji that is!

Roscoff onions. Chopped.. Spices added. Various! I recall methi powder, cumin powder, tumeric, ajwain seeds, garam masala, chilli, salt, mango powder.. think thats about it..

Added gram flour and a pinch of baking powder . I add a pinch of baking powder as the gram flour can go a bit too heavy otherwise..

Water to turn into a mix and fried off..

Tasty tasty tasty… Might make some courgette ones next time . I have a couple need eating.. You can use any vegetables for these .. Any!







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