Pimped up Moroccan curry Beans on scorched poppy seed bread 

Beans on toast… a go-to staple of many… students, kids, late nights, quick snacks.. you understand.. many many different situations! 

Yet how to make them freaking #fabulous ? 

Give this ‘recipe’ a little spin out… it takes the humble baked bean and knocks it outta the cage!

(when I was a kid we often had a variation of this for a Sunday brunch treat thanks mama!).. 

Sitting comfortably?


Then let’s begin!

First an echalion shallot.. or a pink onion if you are lucky enough to be able to score them.. fried off in #mrsmiddletons oil.. hog grease really makes these special yet oil is fine too!

Let that soften and just catch a little.. then a fat clove of fresh garlic roughly chopped .. a handful of cherry tomatoes.. then some super dooper smuggled Moroccan curry spice.. (many things can historically be smuggled from Marrakech yet I really do think it’s much safer to stick with souk spices… ahem.. )..

Smush up those tomatoes with the back of a fork.. and add salt.. now what you have is a #fabulous levant curry base! Great with fish, meats, fries.. or yup you guessed it.. 

#heinz baked beans .. ok for sure you can use other beans yet I think the added sweetness ( read sugar!).. rocks it.. 

umm here you go just in case you prefer to cook by pictures..!

The poppy seed bread? Store bought reduced so it toasts .. sorry scorches well! 

That gets diagonal sliced.. and into the toaster .. till a small wisp of smoke comes outta the toaster.. that’s the scorch! Decided against using the blowtorch.. ok it was in the food truck and walking up to it and undoing the alarms and locks was not really an option.. 

and now the assembly… 

umm I could get all cheffy here yet deck that.. 

French salted butter on the scorched poppy seed breads..Like way way to much butter.. it mixes with the bean mixture and takes it to another level! 

Here you go.. the money shot.. the one that makes me smile with deep deep happiness ooh lah lah lah laaahhh!

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6 replies

  1. Love beans on toast!! This looks yum!


  2. This is a perfect comfort food. It is nice to see you again, Mr. Fitz! Glad you came at this week’s Fiesta Friday. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hey, Fitz, long time no see! Good to know you’re doing alright. And beans?! Where’s the red meat?!

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