Old school fabulous foods! The crispy corned beef hash fritter

Old school foods .. winners every time in my books… and this is a fabulous supper indeed! 

This is made with tinned corned beef.. a substitute NEC of strange wonder and delight.. ever tried a corned beef and tomato ketchup sandwich? ( on white sliced with butter I course!).. not a thing to be eaten every day.. yet definetly something to keep in high regard!

Corned beef hash is a fabulous supper or late lunch.., and using better ingredients and taking up just a notch makes it real feckin serious !

Having scored some good quality corned beef at a low price ( yeah there really is good quality corned beef!).. the game was on! 

Apache potatoes . Love em.. boiled and the skins slipped off … simple onion a little dried thyme.. 

And using the back of a dinner fork kinda smash/crush them.. then adding crumbled up corned beef.. of course for smaller amounts just do everything smaller! ( I am doing more as they will also appear on a brunch menu for a coding client this weekend.).. 

that mix left to cool..

Then.. and this is the real kicker! 

I scored a bag of African style crumbs.. no sinister colourings here.. just paprika extract to gain this disco dazzling colourway!

A simple egg dip.. to help the sticking.. no need to double dip these fellas..

Oh I want them again right now!

Into the iron pan with a slosh of Mrs middletons straight up oil..

Remember all these ingredients are cooked already.. you are looking for crispiness and heat.. 

ready ?


Really really ?

Okey dokey.. 

(They are not as dark as this iPhone shot looks..)..

And to serve.. 

well it just has to be a dollop of tommy K ..

Any good? 

Umm here you go..

It’s ok .. no need to thank me.. 

fabulous old school foods ! Ahem.. 

(Ok maybe they were just a bit over dark.. cough cough ahem.. can we say ‘caramelised ‘? ) 

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