One chicken a fair few meals

This is a story of one chicken.. 



And it’s going to provide a few meals for us. 

First it’s straight up roast chicken. 

With these lovely corn fritters .. just made by adding cornflour, double dragon flour and some seasonings.. 

Fried off they are crunchy corny loveliness!

 Simple supper with some roasted sweet potato.. And a drop of Portuguese piri piri.. 


That’s meal one . Pretty? Perhaps not.. Tasty? HECK YEA!

Ok let’s go for meal number two..

First some foraging .. With my pal Jeff.. It’s a foggy morning.. And we were hunting for wild garlic , chanterelles and wild horseradish ..

We nailed the wild garlic pretty quick.. Thanks to a map that was sent to me by a social meedja pal.. (Sorry can’t share it!).. 

I think we found some wild horseradish too.. Although after digging a little bit up .. And having a taste .. Umm and my lips going tingly knumb and my tounge screaming, I have either eaten a real bad thing.. Like I am gonna get real sick! Or we have scored.. We have decided to leave it alone.. and come back to it later in the month.. 

I don’t appear to have closed my throat nor emptying my belly nor bowels.. So I think we are ok.. Ahem.. 


Moving south by automobile got us to some other woods.. I have seen chanterelles there and we were hopeful ..

Umm not a fungus in sight!

Like seriously not one thing? What’s the story? Too wet? Dunno?

We also passed through a ‘farmers market’ it was terrible! Ah well.. 

Wild garlic shared between us  , Jeff going for a pasta number .. Me going for a use up more of the roast chicken thing.. 
Going for croquettes .. Using up some of the chicken of course, some mashed potato , fresh parsley and left over sweet potato .. And loads of the wild garlic! 


That’s all squished up and rolled into well croquette shapes I guess! They firm up in the fridge a while..  

Then a little four and an egg wash.. then into golden crumbs.. they always remind me of cooking fish (plaice) with my Father when I was a kid.. And dried off in crisp and dry..


Stunning crispy then so soft inside and wonderful wil garlickyness 

An easy bagged salad.. Some ranch dressing and more of that Portuguese piri piri ..


Eaten and seriously enjoyed! 

The hounds had done of the chicken too.. mixed with pasta and mixed veggies.. Two paws up from them!

The final outing for that wonderful roast chicken was a chicken salad for Mrs Fitz’s lunchbox.. 

That’s not a bad amount of meals from one roast chicken huh? Mind you I should have made soup with the bones to really use it up! Mebbe next time.. 😁


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10 replies

  1. The chicken looks delicious and I adore croquettes, they would have been wonderful with all that wild garlic. Too bad about the mushrooms and glad you didn’t get ill.

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  2. All the meals look nice but my favourite is the croquette one . The corn fritters look crunchy and delicious. Do share its recipe when you have time.

    Liked by 1 person

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