Chicken tikka boti karson saag 


Well let’s go through it.. !

I am lucky to live nearby quite a diverse community, this means that there are worlds of flavours and things out there that normally you could only read about in books. .. (Or the google gods these days I suppose!).. 

I have had this great relationship with a butcher from the Indian continent. He doesn’t speak much English and I for sure don’t speak whatever the language it is that he speaks.. Yet I have been going there for many years.. We speak through smiles , nods and hand movements.. And of course the basic love of food.. Which I have found has served me rather well all across the globe.. Good thing that love of food.. 


Chicken.. They have lots of different ways to the ones I know of chopping up their meats.. One good thing here is that you can buy leg meat already chopped into ‘tikka’ like pieces.. At a great price too! Also spring chickens.. No such thing as a spring chicken? I have to disagree .. (Although to be fair these are baby chickens skinned and nasty bits chopped out..).. (Think its a religious thing perhaps?).. 

Well my good butcher pal has chopped and sliced a couple kilos of cockafoodle greatness for us.. 

With a Shan family seasoning .. That’s the tikka boti bit by the way.. It’s marinating already in the car driving home .. 

Once home.. Adding some yoghurt and oil to the chuck.. 

Before skewering the leg meat .. 


Straight onto the oven bars.. Those with oven ocd? Hmm get over it! 

A tray underneath to catch the drippings..

Cooked up for about thirty minutes.. 

And rolled about in the drippings , just a little.. 

This first got eaten just on its own.. And it’s been in the fridge getting smacked on when pouring more drinks.. Very good fridge snack!

It also became the title of this post.. 

Frying off red onion, purple garlic & and a thumb of ginger..

No extra spices added at all.. Just the chicken.. And yes.. That is butter ..


And adding some baby jersey royals too.. 

Then adding this great can.. And done chopped cherry tomatoes.. Again from the same store as the meat.. It’s a winner! 


Ok.. It may not look the greatest.. A lite swampy/shreksville perhaps? 

I tell you .. It’s delicious.. Like seriously delicious.. 


Needs bread too though.. 

Just flour and water.. Mixed.. 

And cooked on the iron plate.. 

   They take no time at all..

Winner winner chicken tikka boti karson saag dinner.. (Try saying that without bleached stickyuppy hair and a red soft top.. ).. 😉


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  1. Always so good with this sorta dinner 👊

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