jersey royal maharaja Potato balls (must be a better name!).. 

Really not sure what to call these.. 

Let’s go through the process and see if a better name comes up ok? 

Started by using up the last of the jersey royals.. 

With some chopped pink onion, 


Mint , coriander , frozen peas, garam masala Green chilli and some fenugreek.. 

All mashed up together.. 


Like really mushed up together! 


Rolled into balls.. Smaller than the golf variety. 

Dipped into a pakora batter made with gram flour and spices.. 

And fried off in Mrs middletons straight up oil.. In uncle bens trusty wok.. 


Done in batches.. 


Delicious indeedo! 


Hmm now what kinda name ?  

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14 replies

  1. I like the name and I like the look!!

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  2. They look yummy!

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  3. You couldn’t just call them “Fitzy’s crispy balls”? Or “Fitzy’s golden balls”?

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  4. Oh dear – you really made us laugh, Mr Fitz. Here in Kerala (South India) they are called “Bonda” and when made well – delicious!!!!!!! They have to be ‘restricted” in our house, since they are really addictive (as afternoon-snack). Thanks for posting.

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  5. You had me at ‘Jersey Royal”. Jealous! 🙂

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