Pulled pork bun and ‘real’ chips/fries

With all that delicious pork currently residing in the big white box.. 

It would be terrible not to keep at it! 

First the chips/fries though.. I have a deep problem with not having real chips.. C’mon! Chips need to be cut from potatoes .. And then not frozen! 

I know that might get some scratching their heads thinking “huh?” Ain’t all fries/chips fresh or from spuds? 

Nope they are not.. And don’t even get me straws in those battered ones!! 

Fresh cut chips in good oil.. 

That’s what makes them a treat no? 

So starting with king Edwards.. 

Chopped skin on..


Soak them in reverse osmosis water ( yeah seriously !).. And Spanish sherry vinegar .. 

Just about half hour will do.. 

Then drain and put into a towel ( this one smuggled back from a great stay in the state of Mexico.. Ahem 😉)


Get them as dry as possible.. 

Then the first fry .. In Mrs middletons straight oil.. 


Left to drain on okra brown paper.. 

Prepare the buns for the pork.. Tomatoes.. Some dip thing for Mrs Fitz.. 


And a splash of nandos garlic sauce.. As much as I am not a fan of their chickens I am a fan of their bottles sauces.. 

The fries fried again.. ( after annointing with malt vinegar and salt .. ).. 


And drained again on ikea brown paper..  Brown paper really does make a difference.. Makes thing stay crispy.. Try it! 
All served up..


Real chips.. 

Yup.. Real chips.. Don’t bother with anything else.. Please refuse them!! 

You can join the campaign for real chips here.. ( there must be one somewhere?).. )

Umm really better get those placards painted up !  
Plenty pork left.. Look out for a few things coming.. 


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  1. I’m with you on the real chips. And the real vinegar too, which much of the world has still to learn about.

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