So soft and Simple flatbreads.. 

these really are the simplest breads.. I apologise in advance for the amount of pics to follow.. Yet it’s worth it.. 

First in the processor (or by hand).. Add the same weight of natural yoghurt to plain/ap flour.. A pinch of your best salt too.. 


When whizzed up it turns into a ball of dough like this.. 


There is no need to wait for any proving .. This bread will prove itself! 

Into size you like.. 


Rolled thin.. And onto the warmed dry iron plate.. A frying pan will do.. 

And let’s start! 


Then turn when bubbles start.. 


Houston? We are ready for lift off.. 




Keep warm in a towel or fancy gadget thing you may have.. (Always fancied one of those tortilla keeper warmerers..).. 

Keep repeating the above till you have enough.. I like a bit of fancy pants delicious French butter on mine.. 


And to serve with? 

Anything really.. This time it was with a little salad.. Some Greek yoghurt perked up with a splash of nandos Medium sauce.. 






Amazing price huh? 

Cooked in a Dutch oven for five hours.. With seasonings and thyme.. 


After five hours this happens.. 


Throwing a good spoon of the chimichurri into it along with the de-fatted juices.. 


Eaten with the aforementioned bread..,  


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13 replies

  1. Love a good chapati. Yours look really soft!

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  2. I would love my flat breads to puff like that. i am kind of jealous…if that’s ok…Thank you for that yogurt tip. Will try asap and report back.


  3. Holy moly! These I need to make!

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  4. Yum yum yum! Now my flatbread did not puff up like that at all!!

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  5. This is excellent. Would be very good for Red Label Cooking with Mr Fitz….the bread is great. Will try this week and let you know. Xx

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  6. Dear good lord man I definitely need to get to your place for dinner soon.
    Oh, and your like button has disappeared again…

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  1. Yogurt Flatbread | Cast Iron Dan

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