Aloo parathas , stuffed breads

as a child I often ate these. We used to have them for a late breakfast.. Brunch I suppose! My grandfather made excellent ones.. And mama made good ones too.. So it must be true therefore that I too canals these right? 

Umm kinda.. 

It’s taken me a good while to get it right.. Why? 

Over stuffing I reckon .. Cooking too fast.. Lots of things.. It’s pretty much there now.. Although like a lot of things.. They really are best when cooked by someone else for you.. Like other people’s fries.. ! 

Start though by chopping a part of a pink onion, then using up a lovely boiled #jerseyroyal from the fridge.. 


I think one should always have a delicious pre boiled spud to hand.. Excellent for so many things.. ! ( often we don’t have one to hand.. ).. 


Add urfa pepper ( just because its my latest #trend ).. Vegemare salt, garam masala, fresh coriander and mint from the garden (check me out huh?).. 
And some peas.. I think you need the pea… 


This mixture is wonderful made into patties and fried.. Or into a samosa I suppose? 
Yet this is into bread.. It’s for breakfast after all.. (Although I must admit that Mrs Fitz’s shepherds pie has to be my all-time favourite breakfast).. 

And I have some dough left over from another dish.. It’s a yoghurt bread made with Italian ’00’ flour.. Very light.. 

Kinda roll it out.. I use my palm only at this stage.. Till it’s a little thin.. And then pop the mix on top.. 

Bring up the sides and fold it together.. Pressing lightly.. (This is where greed sets in and you over stuff them.. ).. 😏


See those edges popping out.. That’s over stuffing..  The one next to it is about to get a rolling.. Very gently and turning often.. If you don’t over stuff them you can rattle these out.. Ahem.. 
Cooked on the iron flat plate.. Spooning a little of Mrs middle tons pimped roscoff garlic oil on top for extra crispyness.. 


Delicious hot or cold! Better hot though.. 

Damn that over stuffing.. ! Great breakfast though.. Just great! 

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