Month: May 2013

Mashed spuds..?

How do you mash yours? .. Like a school paper .. Discuss (or disgust!).. From the lazy can of ‘aliens’ giggling in their metal suits.. To the now purchasable cartons of so called mash.. Nothing really better than boiling some… Read More ›

Home sweet home..

I am very lucky an get to travel a heap.. Its also good no.. GREAT! To get home.. Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth are my bestest friends.. X (it does get lonely on the ‘road’ despite being exposed to some… Read More ›

Breakfast in Frankfurt

Breakfast.. Hotel breakfast.. A hit and miss affair! All around the world I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many breakfasts.. Most now seem to follow the ‘norms’… Fruits, not -really local varieties that look pretty yet not sweet… Read More ›


Forgot the kitchen.. Is open and good to see.. Serious nice.. Should be on Anthony Bourdain and the Travel channel for sure.. X