Rice fry

This is a great ‘use-up’ supper.. I really enjoy it.. I remember my Mama used to make me chicken and rice like this as a child.. It was one of my bestest meals at the time x

I keep the scraps of meat in little baggies in the freezer.. All kinds! This time a quick search by Mrs Fitz brings the following:

Swedish sausage

Persian lamb

Marmalade ham


And with the addition of fresh picked Garlic an onion shoots plus a little fresh greek basil we are looking good!

For veggies:

Santini Tomatoes, French green beans, American corn

For the rice:
Roasted pepper, Cougettes Rice (outta a packet.. Best for this)

Low fry the frozen meat scraps.. Add the rest.. Fry.. Eat and enjoy! Seriously keep those little meat scraps as this is one dish well worth having..

Mrs Fitz doesn’t quite understand my rice so for my delightful wife.. The following:

Feta, lettuces, greek basil, parsley, black corsican olive oil, fig syrup.. All as a nice salad x

Pepperoni & tomato pasta

All happy in the Fitzgerald household x Mr Wentworth having Lilys campfire stew..

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