Month: March 2014

Makin bacon..

Are you fed up of ‘snotty’ bacon.. This kind that leaves a watery gooey mess in your pan? Or maybe you are fed up of paying the ridiculous prices for so called artisan bacon? Widely available at farmers markets and… Read More ›

Home .. Sweet chuck home,.

Am home.. After my Arabian adventures worthy of a good novel.. Or at least some novel adventures! Having hurtled around the F1 circuit.. Flown sea planes.. Narrowly missed camels in the sand dunes whilst shooting hard liquor in. 4X 4… Read More ›

Breakfast and F1

Am staying at the very lovely Viceroy hotel on Yas island in an dhabi.. It is very lovely.. Overlooks the F1 track.. Well actually is part if the F1 track in a way. Now.. Finding your room is a little… Read More ›

Roast chicken supper..

You gotta love roast chicken right? Even better when you get one heavily reduced in Waitrose! Ok.. For sure there are a zillion recipes for cooking the perfect roast chicken . This is NOT one of them.. This one you… Read More ›

La Tasca lunch

Met a pal today for lunch.. Don’t often do that so was a nice change.. Or was it.. Ahhhh hmmmm! Well it was great to catch up with the pal and share some thoughts… We were going to eat in… Read More ›

Chinese beef curry ..

There is something about Chinese curry.. Much sweeter and deeper than Indian perhaps? ( someone is going to tell me different right?) .. A little hotter than Japanese curry, the kind used for Katsu curry.. And boy do I like… Read More ›

Much room for lunch?

In use up mode .. What is the big white box offering me?? The last of the Turkish pepper.. A white onion.. Some marinated mushrooms .. Some Jack cheese.. Right.. That’s it.. Fried off the onion and pepper.. Added the… Read More ›

Breakfast sausages ..

With all these sausages hanging about it would be very silly indeed not to snaffle a couple for breakfast .. So I did!! Baked at 180 for twenty minutes or so.. Popped into a buttered soft roll. A dollop of… Read More ›

My Attorneys tea

Been a while since my attorney mailed me details of his supper.. And after a little confusion… Here is his supper.. It look great!! Minus the Parmesan if course.. Welcome back to cookingwithmrfitz !! > Grilled Pork souvlaki > Griddled… Read More ›

Cottage pie supper

Still in use up mode! Gone for the ultimate comfort food.. Well one if them at least ! Cottage pie .. Mmmmm even just saying it out loud makes you start to feel snuggled and dreamy.. cottage pie And I… Read More ›

Roast beef salad

Mrs Fitz’s lunch today was brought to us by the leftover roast beef from last night.. A simple salad of a good bag of store bought leaves.. Baby plum tomatoes, chopped red onion, Turkish red pepper and Turkish yellow hot… Read More ›

Birthday eve supper..

It’s my birthday eleven supper.. Actually am writing this in a very nice lobby of the hotel we are staying at in Killarney.. So it’s a little late.. Birthday eve? Why it’s as important if not slightly more than the… Read More ›

Chorizo sausages ..

To use up the last if the ground pork I did for the hotdogs.. I made chorizo.. I have indeed nailed this I must say.. They are not the hung and dried type.. These are cookers .. Wonderful juicy spicy… Read More ›