Dinner at the Brehon , Killarney

After a good wander around the 144 restaurants so called available in Killarney.. Yup 144 restaurants..


We got none.. None that we fancied eating in.. None that didn’t seem to feature anything that could be hotted up by chef ping, or drowned in hot oil..

Did we miss something? Maybe yet I tell ya we had a massive looksie around.. Massive indeed .. Like feet starting to hurt looking.. Did take in a couple of nice pints en-route though…

So ended up deciding on hotel food .. Was the easy opt out choice..

Mrs Fitz gone for the fish pie which said was excellent indeed , not heavy with the potatoes and sauce..

Me? Thai marinated ribs.. With a rice.. They were ok, am sure chef ping had a hand in making them..

We must say though that for a hotel bar snack this was of very good quality, and the cost reasonable.. The drink prices were also reasonable and actually cheaper than some if the other places we swung by .. Would recommended the bar food at the Brehon for sure .

Good one… Good







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