@meatopiauk time to meat up with a great pal..

now I have this excellent pal of mine.. You know the kinda pal that you don’t have to keep a close contact with to know that you are both totally there for each other whenever you may need it? I guess I am kinda lucky really.. I have a bunch of pals like that.. And have known them all for many years.. 

Well this is Ramsay.. We have been lucky enough to have hooked up all over the planet! Like seriously all over the planet! 

Yet this is our London get together .



Mrs Fitz buys us tickets every year.. Super early as soon as they get released otherwise you are not getting in! (Feb she scored them this year).. and we much prefer the Saturday too!

Imagine a place full of smoke and meat done in just over tapas sized portions.. Lots of flavours and combos.. Some really not great.. Some very good and usually one or two absolute stunners! No money changing hands… Oh and beer and bourbon too.. Perhaps a couple of cigars whilst catching up… Ahem.. 

So arriving by various methods of travel we hook up! Yay! 

After a good hug and a look up and down each other to assess what the years are doing to us…It’s game on! 

This is my pal by the way… 


And that dish is a standout superb mechoui lamb.. Not fecked about with.. Not smothered or drizzled.. Just darn good fire cooking! It was indeed one of the highlights! 

 Here it is.. So simple.. So freaking tasty!  Sheesh! 

Oh .. This is the lineup of food..


It’s seriously serious affair this! 

Hmm what else? 

Well great chats about life and the like.. Smiling and joking with a bunch of others too… 

Catching up with other old pals too..


And really really having a fabulous day out.. 

What’s not to love.. Meat, smoke, drink, your pals around who have got your back … And the standout dish this year? A secreto Iberian pork number.. Umm I think we had five of them!!! Ahem.. Hey cmon! Don’t forget they are like larger tapasas right? That Iberico pork is a serious player! 

 What’s not to love? The THREE hour delay on the train on the way home..  Sheesh already! Still cracking day out.. Crackalackin…

See you next year! 


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  1. You look awesome as a cartoon!

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