firstly let me tell you I have been waiting to attend this event for ages.. I missed it two years in a row.. 

Yet for my birthday back in March Mrs Fitz bought me an excellent gift of not only entrance to this event but also a ‘bundle’ that gave me 6 meat tokens and. 4 drinks tokens..

My good pal Ramsay attended with me.. He is my go-to partner for these types of affairs.. All around the world! 

Here he is..


And here I am.. 


Now we got on there early.. Yet the queues were already around the block! One chap we were speaking to said it took him over and hour to get it.. Those with general admission had to wait before all us Early birds  were settled! 

Now what is meatopia? Well it’s a festival of BBQ really.. All great meats cooked over great woods.. Best to google it really..  It would make life a lot easier for all of us! 

Now there is lots going on.. Lots of smoke ( I still smell of it now even after the two cabs and a train ride home!).. 

The stunner dish though was this one.. Breast of lamb cooked and smushed with tomatoes and herbs.. On a flatbread brushed with lamb drippings and confit garlic! 


This really was the standout dish., we had two each.. Problem was it was that darn good that nothing else really came close! 

And boy did we try! 

Chicken.. Iberico pork. Brisket, lamb.. (The pork and lamb probably being the worst).. 


And goat.. This was a winner too! 

 A wonderful machine that and a test story of keeping the male baby goats ., a bit like the rose veal story I suppose.. Utilising a normally gassed at birth animal.. 

Darn tasty.. 

I wondere why the brisket rated so good.  Until I saw that they were brushing the toasted buns with a mix of butter and dripping! 


There was music too of course.  Lots of it.  And one in particular.. The Trojan sound system.. Brilliant! 

 Well we ate too much.. Drank a fair bit.. Yet had a wonderful day out.. 

I am writing this stinking of smoke and with slight Indegestion .. Happy though.. 


 Thanks for a great birthday present Mrs Fitz.. 

I think I may go again next year.. In fact I know it! 🎯✌️

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day out to me 🙌

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