Month: October 2014


I cannot remember where I saw or heard of these.. I do know I have never made them though! Where to begin? By making the dough .. The tried and tested flatbread numbers.. Whilst it’s rising, time to raid the… Read More ›

Forgive me ..

For not posting.. At least for the last couple of days.. The reason is I just haven’t really cooked anything.. We have eaten of course.. Yet it has been all from provisions really.. Mrs Fitz made an excellent lasagna when… Read More ›

Mickey sandwich

Quick post here.. Yesterday was out wedding anniversary .. We had a lovely day.. No posts on supper nor lunch.. Yet breakfast.. Did you know though that Malaga was once in the running for eurodisney? Then ‘Paris’ got it instead… Read More ›

Indian supper

We are supposed to be having an Indian summer.. I think we have been on another channel.. We seem to have missed it.. So instead we are having an Indian supper.. Lucky I made all of this prior to spending… Read More ›

Hunters beef

I have no gooey eyed deers as to why this is called hunters beef.. Am pretty sure someone can tell me! Yet that’s what it says in the packet.. So that’s what it is. .. One kilo of very fine… Read More ›

Cott-herds pie?

Cott -herds pie ? Huh? Ok let’s try it this way around lam-tage pie? You there yet? Some help? Well seeing as shepherds pie is lamb based and cottage pie is beef based this is a hybrid.. Why? First off… Read More ›