Lamb stew-esque and dumplings

It’s time to start making stew.. With the nights drawing in .. Although the problem is the weather is still pretty wonderful! So this is going to be in the freezer ready for that time of need.. To be honest it will also make a wonderful base for a shepherds pie.. Hmmm yummy !

So here you go.. Super thick cooked down lamb..

Neck pieces loads of them.. All red tickets.. Browned off.. Layered in the Le creseut with onions and carrots..

Salt and pepper and topped with water.. And a couple if sprigs of rosemary.. That’s it!!

Into the oven for three hours covered..

Once out.. Cooled down and the bones fished out.. This is a seriously meaty number..

Serious !

The dumplings were an after though after a great conversation with my attorney who reminded me just how great they are!!

So made up the mix.. Spooned into boiling chicken stock to cook through.. Not the ideal way of way of cooking them.. Yet it works.. Kinda!!

Anyhoo dee hoodeee.. Once they spent the night in the fridge they have been buried in ice.. Ready for that time.. And looking forward to it.. Yeah.. C’mon autumn I am ready for ya!









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  1. Stews are really good with veggies I could not ask for more:-)


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