Pork crackling/scratchings

What to do when your butcher puts a load of pork rind into your shopping bag with a knowing wink??

It’s gotta be turned into porky snappy goodness no?

Simply snipped into lengths .. The oil heated in the wok .. Gently popped in..

They snarl at you.. Curl up and try and bite ya! A bit like suddenly waking up a lion!!

Seasoned with secret spices and salts.. Like too much perhaps.. Darn tasty though.. Perfect with a cold beer ..

Dropped some off to the local pub.. Just in time to watch the football..







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  1. Love these!!! Now if only I could get pork skin over here. I think it all goes into dog treats. I do make a delicious version (albeit rather fragile) with chicken skin that I roast in the oven until crisp then throw into popcorn with rosemary butter (A Nigel Slater recipe). If I buy half a pig (frozen), I can cut off the skin but it’s so much work and I can’t deal with all that meat at once. Can you mail me some? 🙂


  2. Perfect timing. We’re looking forward to getting some wild pork within the next couple of weeks. Deerslayer and I attempted some chicharones a while back. We cut them way to thick! Still tasty but, since they were so thick, they didn’t bubble up and crisp up adequately. Any suggestions on slicing them up properly? Also, how do you get rid of all the hair on a wild pig?


    • Wild pork is a seriously good bit of beast , yet to get rid if all that hair? Painstaking!! Boiling water on the knife and scraping the heck out if it seems to work . Try looking for the less wiry bits? On the neck perhaps backs of the legs? To crisp them up you can nuke them and then dry and fry them.. Or I know of wild pork chicharones where you cut the rind with some fat into smaller pieces and put in the pot with no other oil . Keep moving them about for the fat to render and for them to crisp in their own fat.. Be careful it gets very hot! Perhaps best done outside over a fire with a few beers.. The time and smell may suit that better! Look forward to reading about it! Good luck!


  3. I asked my butcher a week in advance for pork skin and when I arrived to pick them up they said they’d thrown it all out. I was fuming! I was willing to pay! I need a butcher who saves that stuff for me.


  4. Wish I had a butcher like yours. Actually, I wish I had a butcher!


  5. Cor blimey, why wouldn’t you? Ice cold beer, telly and these oooh yum


  6. my step dad used to carry a bag of these around with him every day


  7. You are always creative! Love this!


  8. After reading all your posts, I’m not surprised that you have a sweet butcher! Have an awesome weekend; these look tasty!


  9. Very kind of your butcher but then again I am sure that you must be one of his best customers!! Congratulations on your feature too, Mr Fitz. Thank you for bringing these to the party – Happy Fiesta Friday!!


  10. Now that’s a chip. I bet your butcher would feel the bottom-line drop if you moved away.


  11. Cracklings are simply the best!!


  12. I grew up eating these. Yum. I think you have a very generous butcher! I am sure he knows a great customer when he sees one too.


  13. Oooh what a nice butcher! They look so crunchy and delicious!


  14. kiss him is the answer



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