pork scratchings

Pork scratchings!!

Call ’em what you want..‎and all the world over has various names for them.. yet to be fair.. having bought and eaten this ‘it may kill ya’ snack.. I reckon I have it.. NAILED DOWN! I have a good pal….. Read More ›

Pork scratchings

‎Had to make some pork scratchings today.. used the rind from the bacon I am curing.. the bacon will be superb!! Organic hickory smoked.. yay!! (more about that in a week) x My attorney has been working flat out.. told… Read More ›

Pork scratchings!! Yeah!!

‎Pork scratchings.. a wonderful affair with pork skin.. Ok.. so not the most calorific number nor good to clutch at ya heart after a few pints.. yet hey.. the world loves ’em.. well the porky pinty world seems too.. actually… Read More ›