Pork scratchings!! Yeah!!

‎Pork scratchings.. a wonderful affair with pork skin.. Ok.. so not the most calorific number nor good to clutch at ya heart after a few pints.. yet hey.. the world loves ’em.. well the porky pinty world seems too.. actually scrap that.. I have had all kinds of pork rinds around the world.. mad puffed up ones sold in HUGE bags in Mexico city.. far too chili hot ones served across the north of the states.. yet always too puffy..

When I went to get my best suit from aceface.. we went to the quintessential English pub.. and had some of the best home made numbers.. I swear to ya!

Had a bunch of clients from Germany and Russia and took them to a hidden gem.. (think maddona an ritchie).. they were amazed by em..

Call them whatcha like.. and I understand from a pal in Rio that they have a version that is very good for you.. in snacking terms!!

I went through a phase of smashing these out.. thank the gods for memory loss.. I think I went too far.. yet tonite my friends.. TONITE! These are kings!!

Salted and herbed for a time a forget.. know it’s days though..‎ heated on high post moussaka heat.. whooped up.. whooped down with the heat, drained of fat and Tring to remove what maybe an extreme amount of fat.. how to kill it? Perhaps an addition of white wine vinegar.. went for it..

These are COOL!!

Oh and if you are ever in Mexico City.. just by the home of wrestling.. buy the masks yet avoid the street dish of those puffed pork rinds.. in a tomato? Sauce.. nah.. stinky and ‘proper’ strange.. go visit the moon and sun pyramids instead x

Nite.. salty albeit! X

Will try again soon.. yet not too soon! X


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