9 August, 2013 00:02 Still cooking Hand of Pork!

Well where or ‘weber’ do I begin this very very very long tale?.. I couldnt even write how long this as been.. by the way though.. the chorizo sausages are truly delightful .. not full on run down ya throat paprikery.. yet like a superb quality sausage.. which of course they are.. x Not powdery, nt too chewy fatty.. very nice and delicate.. happy with them.. ouuta sheep casings though.. need to order some more..


Am still sitting outside.. which to be sure is lovely.. however weber.. what the feck has happened my hand of pork?

Have done all my attorney has said.. even called him so often his family musta forgot him.. ran outta supplies.. been the pub to get to more.. and a heap of cashola that cost! Yet less than the coffees from a meeting the other day.. did I tell you about that? 14 + GBP for two coffees, a coke and a green tea? C’mon… that a good chicken supper!

Mrs Fitz had her moussaka with Wallys beet salad.. grand am sure.. a slight addition of extra white wine vinegar to the beets.. they were wonderful indeed! not the slippy slimey ones so often packed up in stores.. from what i remember he boils them straight after picking them outta the ground.. whole and unpeeled.. then peels them and allows them to steep in white wine vinegar, prior to slicing a home grown shallot and adding that also, it truly is a fresh taste of summertime!

and me? well.. humph.. this aint no BBQ cook-off.. so why am i still here?.. in fact.. why are we all still here? or is that just far too deep! haha.. sitting over lungfulls of applewood chips smoke perhaps..

I am suddenly jolted into a past memory of when i visited the Washington DC all american national BBQ pork championships.. a few years back.. Grilla Killa won top prize.. he was kinda scary to be fair.. yet there they “qued’ for over 36 hrs i think.. that was one mad street festival.. go if you get the chance.. its a pretty serious affair indeed! I met the Oscar Mayer Wiener mo-beel.. the coolest car on the planet!! Crazy fest that.. the streets just outside the FBI building .. and a couple thousand folks chowing down on BBQ pork!


and me..? Me?

Still sat outside 4 yes that does read FOUR ahh actually 5.. hours later.. sat like the eidjet I sometimes am refusing to go to bed until this damn number is cooked.. and gods bless me it shall be!!

And mighty fine it will..

Ok, let’s start at the beginning as all good tales begin..

I have this hand of pork.. normally easy right? Gently popped into la french cruset pot.. dutch oven style.. 4-5 hrs.. BINGO! (or SHAZAM!). ( as the story goes…)

NOPE.. Mr Fitz wants to learn the weber way.. right now? Feck the weber way.. although is coming out kinda nice.. forget that!!

Lite up 24 real expensive weber branded coals.. naturally with the accompanying real expensive weber fire lghters..

Add a still not well Mrs Fitz.. + a off his addled head coz of the painkillers Mr Wentworth.. who is loving bouncing about in that loreal fashion! Welhe is worth it after all right? x

Whatcha got in that hotch potch?

Yeah.. a medley of madness..x

So.. salt and peppered the meat.. followed not only my attorneys yet also my good pal s advice.. am gunning for an indirect burn right now.. watching like a hawk that hasn’t caught a field mouse for a while…

and after 3 hrs?..?

How abouts when you stick ya thermo in it still says NADA NOODY NADA!!! X

Well that’s why I am now sat in the dark.. well actually under the pergola.. waiting for the darn thing to cookings..


(well am still sat here..) x

Just checked it again.. heat? hmmm.. at 150 still..Smoke? don’t mind if i do.. would be lovely post supper!! Have ruined a Vilebrequin shirt doing this..

Cost? Don’t ask.. add the meat.. 240 weber coals.. time? Drinkypoos? .. well it ain’t good.. my attorney won’t like this bill for sure! X

Right.. am here still.. Me an my dooog x
(hmm he just gone bed also..‎)

With black smoked nails.. and a lung full of apple wood.. bed me also I reckon.. x

Don’t call on the health an hygiene people today.. will sit this out until the pork is FDA approved Ok?

Yeah right… (fill in the gaps..) x


Have got said offending pork… added some ham stock to provide the liquor for the final steaming.. (dutch oven style)

what’s gone wrong?

Dunno.. me and my attorney gonna go through this later today.. Right now gots to finish that meat! which admittedly is the smokiest piece of a hand of pork I have ever seen!


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