Quick round up of a few other things..


Just what kinda title is that Mr Fitz? 

Well.. Itsalikethis.. 

First off these #fabulous burgers.. Made loose with chopped white onion.. Fried in a little butter.. With Route 66 fries and chilli (made to go with chilli dogs for part of a wedding menu..).. Popped these into scotch rolls.. You know scotch rolls? I think they are lovely! And remind me a little of the rolls I used to eat with my fathers mum & dad.. Fresh made by pappy every day pretty much! 

Ok.. Is the title making a little more sense yet! No?



Red ticket lamb loins.. Fried off with onions and delicate spice.. 

Tinned .. Yes! Tinned potatoes added.. Trust me on this! Then a can of Karson saag.. This dish apart from looking just a leeetle bit swampy hehehe.. It’s freakin tastylicious .. With a few poppadoms , geetas mango chutney, fresh roti..and this off the chart fresh fresh fresh tomato salsa made by MrsFitz.. 

The title getting a bit clearer now? Nope? Really? Still not? Hmmm okeydoodle… 

Here’s a few more..


A mixed pasta and veg number.. A cheeky IKEA lunch .. ( man you gotta dig those meatballs with gravy and jam from time to time!).. A lovely aubergine ( as WE ALL KNOW THERE IS ACTUALLY NO SUCH THING AS AN EGGPLANT RIGHT?).. 😏 and spiked ground lamb skewer with Turkish rice and salad.. 

Are we getting closer?


There are also these #fabulous sauces made for us by a good pal.. All local.. All #realdeal how cool huh? 


To be used with what?

Well check this out? !!!

Taaa -daaaaa!

That mon amis is our new food truck right there… Yes indublydoodledeedeey #mrfitzgoesmobile 

So now so.. 

I think that was indeed a quick round up of a few other things right? 

Catch you laters alligators .. 

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  1. Congratulations Mr. F. I envy you the food truck.

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