So what’s been happening then Mr Fitz? 

Ok .. So Mrs Fitz reminded me that I have met been posting as frequent.

So what’s the story? 

We’ll have Ben getting the catering side really up and running.. There have been fabulous highs and lows.. Mostly I am pleased to report HIGHS!

it’s been an exciting season .. Lots and lots going on .. Beer and cider festivals, charity and corporate do’s.. A few weddings here and there.. Party’s in rather nice surroundings.. And getting to play with lots of stuff! 

Here is a few shots.. There are many more and I think I may start telling the world more! ( there is some seriously cool news coming!)… 


One of the nicest things is all the wonderful comments we have been getting from people.. All fabulously happy with our fabulous food! Mind you who could they not .. Ahem.. 😉
We even got a round of applause from one event we provided our catering for .. How freakin fabulously fantastic was that! 

And eating? 

Well with lots of food floating about we have been eating quite well… Although as those in the hospitality business will know.. After 16 hour days.. Cantonese really hits the spot… Like really hits the spot.. 

Although we have had great fried spuds.. Steak pies.. A crazy tasting beef rendang thingy mahjiggy.. Awesome! ( that’s the kind of sloppy looking thing… I would eat it every day till I got bored with it..)…

Here you go.. A medley… 


Umm just realised that’s all the frying stuff… Feck it .. It was darn tasty-toodle.. 

Oh and a great chook.. Marinated in the buffalo sauce we use in one of our street food dishes… 

And of course lots of these!




This spread was probably one of the best indoor feast we have provide this season so far..  

All local meats. Stunning rod caught smoked sea trout from a pal of mine.. ( I think his wife wasn’t too happy to be losing her fish!)..  Fabulous salads. Cooked exceptionally… Served up with smiles and laughter… For a wonderful clients 90th birthday.. Simply brilliant.. 

We are doing ok… Will keep you posted… 


Mr Fitz 


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  1. How wonderful! As someone who is looking to do something similar this is inspiring. Your food looks fab, best of luck with everything!


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