Month: July 2013

Had a thought.. this memories piece is quite useful for me.. the lebanese pizza here was outsanding! and of course Popeyes chicken with bisquits.. yummy yum yum.. x

30 July, 2013 22:16

Loganberry … Ontop of this bruchetta… Just a few.. That’s what woulda made this extra special.. I warmed up the pastrami for this.. Mrs Fitz not that happy ..Mrs Fitz is a fan of NYC pastrami.. Or the old school… Read More ›

Supper? Tortilla & Salmon

Had some of the samosa stuffing left over.. Found some salmon the freezer.. A bag of good ‘steves’ leaves.. That’s Mrs fitz sorted! Little potatoes cakes with a you hurt sauce.. Dressed leaves with diced red an green peppers.. Salmon… Read More ›

PYO hmmm? Samosa!

Decided to make samosas with the bountiful beautiful produce we worked hard to get.. X Ok, so these aren’t the full on indian samosa.. Although the filling is the same.. The wrapper I’d chinese.. That stretchy chinese wrapper that makes… Read More ›

PYO supper

It got a real stormy .. Real stormy indeed! What did we do? Mrs Fitz loves the rain.. So we stood outside with brollys.. Mr Wentworth? He is not so sure on the rain.. He stood inside looking at the… Read More ›

Jacks Cheese pasta

This is from my pal Jack, he also gave me some milkthistle and lecithin he has cancer he doesn’t need them anymore.. (His words.. X).. Thanks Jack x “Hi. Well here it is. I cooked it tonight for my… Read More ›

Thursday supper

What is ‘thursday’ ? Is ot Thors day? The chap with the hammer and those cool wings on his hat? And a great blue suit? Am I right? Dunno.. Anyways been an off an on weather day.. Matched with my… Read More ›

Attorneys recipe pasta

Remember that pasta sauce a while back that my attorney suggested? And I made a big batch?.. We found some in the big freezer! Cool! So simples supper.. The hard work done.. Pasta, sauce, plus addition of some fried breadcrumbs… Read More ›

Post docs lunch..

Had to go get the blood test results today. Diabetes? Nope.. (Thought that would appear!), Liver? Not quite functioning properly! Milk thistle my attorney recommends.. On that! TA! X Heart? Seems fine.. Cholesterol.. Umm not so hot.. Tablets it seems….. Read More ›

Jacks Greek Salad

In the theme of Greece… (and Father disturbed a theif in the night on the Greek Farm last nite… scary huh? they got his iPhone and some cash.. lucky.. x) (thoughts with you Father x) My mate Jack has sent… Read More ›

Fish Suppers..

Been eating a wee bit too much red meat! .. So gone simple.. Lemon sole goujons.. And crinkle fries.. As you know am not one for fish yet these are like posh fish fingers is all! X Father on the… Read More ›

Tonites supper

Ok.. Last nite was a bigun.. And big fun.. My head hurted.. Think a little too much fun was had… Still it was cool.. So after a good sleeps.. And Mrs Fitz insisting on cleaning all the house.. Yup top… Read More ›

Weber world..

Have joined the revolution.. The Weber revolution.. Ok.. So for some this may not be so new.. Yet I have yet to have signed for the in-direct cooking methods.. Sure… I have a Dancook stalwart from copenhagen.. And its a… Read More ›

Home sweet home..

For now..x A great oak smoked bacon rasher sarnie.. Real butter.. Some red sauce.. White bread and a smile x (And a very cutey looking Mr Wentworth that didn’t get any in the end.. )

Lunch at La gare

Good lunch this afternoon at a lovely venue.. An old rail station.. Nice setting outside under a canopy of trees.. With just the right amount of shade.. Hot though! As the kitchen blowers are just next to you.. !! So… Read More ›

Paris supper 1

Good supper last nite.. Ok.. Been eating a little too much meat over the last few days.. And to be fair feeling a little colon heavy!! Very good food at cafe prix.. As you would expect.. Starter? Wonderful melon with… Read More ›

Jamies BBQ …

Jamies Barbacoa Firstly. Is it really any good?.. Hmmmm Well location score! Fantastic views of St Pauls.. Website versus actual place.. A little mis-leading.. Shame.. Lack of ‘Qing’ meat.. Let’s try it… So to begin? Pork scratchings with a vanilla… Read More ›

Vege much-room pasta

After mucho meat eating over the very sunny weekend it was a much needed shot of colon cleansing vege supper required..! Marinated mushrooms.. Marinated in garlic, fine chopped red onion, thyme, sherry vinegar, sweet romano peppers and that black corsican… Read More ›

BBQ hot weekend..

Its hot.. At last.. Like real hot.. What to when so hot? Fill the pool.. Get the loungers out.. Discover you have bees nest in the roof lining of ya shed.. Yeah.. Blinkin bees nest.. Will get that looked at….. Read More ›

Maoz Amsterdam

Why oh why oh why can’t we have more of this chain across the globe? One of the bestest freshest pit stop fast foods I know of.. (Mrs Fitz loves ’em too! X) For those that don’t know its falafels… Read More ›

Amsterdam Roots Festival

Have arrived in glorious sunshine to amsterdam.. Am attending the ‘ROOTS festival’.. From what I understand the last day of a week of various happenings across the city.. All with an international flair.. Lovely in the park after a tram… Read More ›

Pappys Ninety First

My Fathers father is 91.. Yup 91 years.. Pretty good! So.. All the Fitzgerald side of the family gets together at his house to say hi to him.. Everyone brings something to eat.. Some cook, some purchase.. All share.. X… Read More ›

Shopping lists

Have been paying attention to shopping lists recently.. The ones left behind.. Is kinda interesting.. In a strange way.. Have decided that when I see one left on the trolley I will post it! So here is todays.. From the… Read More ›

Homemade Merguez

This looks like a real good recipe.. i am thinking.. also put into sheeps casings these would be wonderful indeed… cool x TasteFood For this month’s Charcutepalooza event, we were challenged  to make our own bulk sausage, either as breakfast sausage,… Read More ›

Easy supper..

Strange day today.. Seemed like rain all day… Needed to do the second coat on the ‘vista’ .. To be fair after a conversation with father I think it may be actually a pergola.. Still not sure.. So.. For supper?… Read More ›

BBQ = summer?

Has summer started? At last? Sure felt like it yesterday.. After a morning painting the new vista… And a hot afternoon.. Had to fire up the coals!! Yay! I have gas power too yet there is something for sure about… Read More ›