Month: July 2013

Had a thought.. this memories piece is quite useful for me.. the lebanese pizza here was outsanding! and of course Popeyes chicken with bisquits.. yummy yum yum.. x

Morrocan Fish Stew

Morrocan fish stew? by moi? nah… by my pal Jack… I told him that he needed to get those skins off the chickpeas.. its a bummer yet it makes a heap of difference.. If i ate fish i reckon i… Read More ›

30 July, 2013 22:16

Loganberry … Ontop of this bruchetta… Just a few.. That’s what woulda made this extra special.. I warmed up the pastrami for this.. Mrs Fitz not that happy ..Mrs Fitz is a fan of NYC pastrami.. Or the old school… Read More ›

Supper? Tortilla & Salmon

Had some of the samosa stuffing left over.. Found some salmon the freezer.. A bag of good ‘steves’ leaves.. That’s Mrs fitz sorted! Little potatoes cakes with a you hurt sauce.. Dressed leaves with diced red an green peppers.. Salmon… Read More ›

PYO hmmm? Samosa!

Decided to make samosas with the bountiful beautiful produce we worked hard to get.. X Ok, so these aren’t the full on indian samosa.. Although the filling is the same.. The wrapper I’d chinese.. That stretchy chinese wrapper that makes… Read More ›