Vege much-room pasta

After mucho meat eating over the very sunny weekend it was a much needed shot of colon cleansing vege supper required..!

Marinated mushrooms.. Marinated in garlic, fine chopped red onion, thyme, sherry vinegar, sweet romano peppers and that black corsican olive oil..

Two days for that.. The juice that comes out is wild!

Spaghetti boiled as per pack.. Actually just before.. The juice from the mushrooms tossed through the hot pasta..

A piece of butter, good grinding of bristol blend pepper.. (Why is that so good? It just uplifts everything.. Serious stuff that)..


Serve.. X giggle at the loveliness.. And simplicity..

Nite.. Nite.. X

PS the addition of the ‘mugged’ broad beans just made it even nicer.. Met a chap I know on the way back from the pub.. He had just been to his allotment.. I persuaded him to pass over two sticks of beans.. Thanks Phil x

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