So where have I been? No posts huh? 


Well I suppose I could have had time to put some together .. I normally do find the time.. Yet with crossing countries and various intermittent wifi and data access it just seemed fruitless .. 

Actually it just annoyed me.. Why can’t the world just be data capable? 

First world problem? I don’t think so.. 

There are countries that have super fast internet ( for free) yet no running water!! Go figure huh? 

So let’s get a wee bit up to date then.

I caught a very early train to meet up with the Eurostar .. The train that goes under the sea.. And arrived in Paris .. Really rather comfortably and quickly .. It’s pretty cool. I wanted to take more pics yet it wasn’t suitable in the company I had! Good company though! Russians, spanish, Dutch, Germans, and possibly a couple more natuonalities! 

However arriving in a sunny Paris was cool ..

And lunch was superb! 

Normally I would shy away from a buffet.. This though was spankingly fresh and really rather wonderful!


This was the one of the plates (ahem) that I really enjoyed.. 

 A delicious four type of tomato salad with white asparagus , a smoked magret duck salad thingy and a beef roll with the most delicious filling of perfectly sliced veggies.. I was told by one of the people sitting by me that the sushi was also off the chain!

Dinner was overlooking the Eiffel Tower from the 56 floor.. A great view yet unfortunely the food and service ( it took 4 hours for three courses!) there really is only so much of the same view you can cope with right!?


I love an orangina .. It makes me very comfortable .. And I always remember that when my mama went to Paris in a school trip way back ( sorry mama).. And had an orangina.. And I can still remember when she managed to get ahold of one for me.. It was like the Angels had created something from their divine tears I tell you! 

Ok.. Paris over .. Just the one night in a very nice hotel indeed.. I do love my work sometimes! 

A great breakfast.. Fantastic poached eggs.. Weird toast.. fantastic pastries bit of course Monsieur !! 

A very good transfer to another station and..

The train to Germany..  Europe is just so brilliant at trains I have to say.. Ok it took four hours . (And no wifi humph!).. Yet so comfortable and with a great bar and eating carriage.. Again no pics as my travelling companions just wouldn’t have got why I was taking pics of everything.. The troubles of bloggers huh?

Arriving in Frankfurt again steeped in sun.. And staying at a very lovely Rocco forte property.. Villa Kennedy .. Dedicated to the great man JF.. did you know my family had involvement with that family in our history.. ? That’s another story for another day! ( and it’s a doozy!).. 


Look how many of me arrived!

A wonderful dinner provided by my hosts.. In a disused urban chic pump station .. Uber chic I must say.. And oh my goodness did the white label champagne flow that evening!

 I had to take a pic of this fish.. Although not eating it I watched many happy faces that did! The food was cracking! Particularly the canapés of sausage and gravy.. Well i was sold!

I can’t really talk about the work that took place the following day.. 

Not because it was hazy more because it was what it was.. Yet trust me when I say it was long days.. 

A flight back to the UK from Frankfurt got me back home.. 

And as ever the wonderful Mrs Fitz had made me a fantastico cottage pie with extra secret veggies blended in to make sure I get my vitamins post travel! 


I love you Mrs Fitz .. 



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3 replies

  1. What can I say you are truly one of a kind don’t ever change


  2. Food looking good. Fitz looking good. Everyone happy! 🙂


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