Using up leftover veg curry to make parathas 

so when you have leftover veg curry .. that wouldn’t make enough for a meal.. What’s the plan batman?


Those wonderful stuffed breads.. And just stupidly simple..

Chappati flour.. you really do need chappati flour. it’s not expensive and well worth keeping in the pantry/larder/cupboard ..


Simply add the same weight of flour to natural yoghurt and a pinch of salt to make the dough.. to increase the softness and help the crisp up a little some olive oil helps.. just be careful in case it makes it all a bit bitter .. some Nigella seeds pimp them up a bit too.. 

Now.. The leftover veg curry.. This was from a delivery that I decided to not write about ( yagetme 😶).. 

Now this is a little cheaty.. Rather than the way of popping the mix into the dough.. folding up and then rolling.. I have gone for the real easy way of rolling out.. adding filling.. another bread on top.. then rolling.. cheaty? Perhaps! Does it work ? Oh yes!!


And cook them on the flat iron plate..

Adding extra butter of course!

These are a great thing in their own.. Even nice at ambient temperature.. or with masala beans ..

Or this time.. With more curry..

Make them.. Trust me… It’s a great thing to do with leftover curry.. ✌️😁👐

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