Potted pork a classic! 

Potting meat isn’t only a way of preserving .. it’s also a way to ensure that you get a super tasty treat!

This one came about as I had a bunch of leftover roast pork from the hog roast on Friday..


And after reserving some for the hounds.. Munching on a fair whack of it every time I open the fridge ( which to be completely honest is quite often! Ahem cough cough..!)
There is still a pretty amount left.. Hounds dinners of course! 

So decided on whizzing some up with butter #lurpack …And seasoning it with white pepper, a pinch of smuggled morrocan spices .. Some grated nutmeg, sea salt, a little garlic powder and some granulated onions.. Plus some herb de Provence ..


If you topped this off with melted clarified butter or melted goose, duck or pork fat it would keep for ages.. 
Instead this is getting eaten with hot toasts.. and some more given away as a neighbourly gift .. 

Lovely.. Another classic.. 👐

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5 replies

  1. FANTASTIC! What a tasty treat indeed



  1. The 5 hour Pork Shoulder & The Girl from Ipanema’s arse……(go figure) – The Bicycle Thief

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