One pork belly two ways, roast and #texascrutchibs

here is a tale of two meals.. The first was simply roasted , rubbed with thyme and salt.. 


It’s a knarly crispy porky delight!

Made prettier with a salad cup with cucumber and newmans dressing .. Wedges roasted along with it and some stuffing.. Balsamic glaze and Korean chilli sauce (am seriously on that stuff!).. Doesn’t that look #pureporkylovelyness ? 

And the second outing is the ribs taken from the belly ( the meat got chopped into three parts).. 

Lashed with a quarter bottle of franks hot sauce, some chicken and rib sauce that’s too boring to use on its own .. And some smuggled liquid mesquitesmoke juice.. 


And then the #texascrutch wrapping them up in foil.. I want them to steam away in this gloopy mess.. They cook for one and a half hours at 160 real money degrees.. then the oven turned off and left ok it.. 

Unwrapped they look like ziss..

They will get reheated by chef ping when required over the weekend.. 

Lovely indeed! That’s forward planning! 


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  1. Porky loveliness indeed. Do you think it would work in a slow cooker?

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