Stunning Salt topside of beef / corned beef supper.. 

Gone all old school.. Well is it old school? 

Or is it actually just fantasticly simple tasty food? 

I am going for the latter.. This is not the canned beef the Argentinians send us.. This is corned or salt beef proper.. Still hugely popular in eire the states and gy., you just don’t see it round these parts much anymore.. 

Famous made with brisket.. This is topside.. That I picked up from my pal at the slaughter house. (Not some fancy pants name for a deli, store or pub, a real slaughterhouse..)., 

Chris had popped this in the salty solution on Christmas eve.. So it’s been in there over a month.. That’s a long time in salt beef world.. 

Remember though that this method was used to preserve meats also.. 

Into cold reverse osmosis water with some bay, peppercorns, mustard seeds and Rosemary.. And boiled for about two hours.. 

If I had boiled it slower it would have retained more redness.. It didn’t matter though.  

Once the internal temp was at 172 it was hooked out and wrapped up tight in clingwrap.. 

The clingwrap helps keep it supermoist as it kinda steams itself and none of the liquids can escape!

To go with it? Well just had to be steamed red potatoes, a knife run round the middle of them to allow the steam to come out and make for easy peeling.  


And of course over cooked sweet pointed cabbage and  lumps of carrots! In the water under the potatoes.  Then tumbled in butter and herbs.. French for the veg, Greek basil for the potatoes ..
The beef carved off (here you go! Ahem..).. 


And onto the plates with plenty of horseradish, salsa verde and also some English mild mustard
This is a cracking dish.. Sure I could have got fancy with the presentation., I just wanted to eat it.  ALL OF IT..  

And the leftovers are already being used.. Mrs Fitz has the most excellent salt beef Sangers for work lunch today..and boy oh boy am I looking forward to my mid morning snackalacka too! 

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16 replies

  1. Oh my goodness, delicious!

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  2. I think you need to open the on-line store for such meat-treats! 🙂

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  3. Looks delicious, Mr. Fitz. 🙂

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  4. I love the real deal corned beef. This sounds fabulous, and your directions do make it easy to follow.

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  5. I’m with you, Mr. Fitz! Don’t worry about the presentation! Just chow down! It looks super delicious! 😀

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  6. Well, I guess I’m cooking some beef this weekend! Cheers

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  7. Fitz, I know you know how I feel about large meat joints cooked to perfection…..(little dancing topsides in my eyes)


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