Prudys chips ‘n’ chicken fried steak 

This is by far my favourite way of eating steak.. like seriously my favourite way of eating steaks !

First the chips though.. based on my virtual pals recipe over at 

This method produces just fabulous chips! 

Yet the true star of this show is the chicken fried steak.. great steak.. dredged in fried chicken mix ( is it a batter? Suppose not as it’s not wet?)? It’s spot on .. and the coating of that staple the fried chicken! 

Do you see how the chicken fried steak works now? It’s a steak fried in chicken coating stuff that you would normally put into fried chicken.. hmm confused? I hope not as it’s real easy! 

Anyhoo my giddy me.. it just turns steak into one of the most fabulous things I ever want to eat! 

Like this…

It’s beaten a little just to make it a little quicker to cook and also to take on more of that crispy fried chicken stuff! 

Is it good?

Feck me it’s fabulous my friends! Fabulous!

A quick post for a very quickly eaten supper! 

Oh man.. I could go again and again on chicken fried steaks for sure! 

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4 replies

  1. We have something in common, my friend, because this is my favorite guilty pleasure!! I’m from the Midwest of the US and sorry, Liz, this is a country meal (even tho Texas tries to claim it) that used to be eaten all over in rural areas. It’s a diner staple, but it kind of went out of style for awhile but thanks to all the cooking shows and the good old net it’s back in business.

    I didn’t see the country gravy with it. You HAVE to make the gravy. (I’ve got it on my blog if you want to see it! There’s a little search box in the upper right I didn’t want to be so bold as to post a link!) It’s even more feckin gooder with the gravy, lol!



  2. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone outside the deep south of the US eating chicken fried steak. But it looks delicious. I tried the link to the chips but it didn’t work, maybe you can repost it?


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