Chicken curry, veal kofta curry, mushroom and pea curry, carrot and brussel sprout curry, lamb kebabs, ghee buttered rice, yoghurt breads… 

Now that’s a title huh? 

Well it is indeed all of the above.. So what first?


Ok first the chicken.. It was marinated chicken breast.. Fried off hard then slathered in a #sharwoods sauce.. Simple and I have to say rather delicious! 


The veal kofta was a sauce made by frying fat Spanish onion in #gheeeasy , then #shan kofta curry spices, some Karson saag , water and Turkish yoghurt.. The veal mixed with some spices and yoghurt then rolled into small balls and simmered in the sauce..

The brussel sprouts and carrots were into another sauce made from Spanish onions, ginger garlic paste, Shan veg spices, Italian canned tomatoes, adding in the chopped veggies till tender and reduced down to thickness..


And the mushroom and peas.. Spanish onion fried in mustard oil, garlic and ginger paste, kitchen king spice mix.. Water and then the mushrooms and peas..


And the lamb kebabs, red ticket lamb burgers mixed up with more #shan family spices, ( you really have to love that brand! All great stuff!).. Squished up together into shape.. Fried off till cooked through.. So so soft and tender.. 

 Then onto the breads.. 

Equal weight of Turkish yoghurt to old chappati flour.. A little Himalayan pink salt and a pinch of sugar.. Kneaded together ..


Then rolled out (no need to wait on proving etc..)., 

Onto the iron pan.. Then direct onto the flames.. 


And a dissapointing pack of crushed #sharwoods poppadoms .. I carried them home so carefully from @waitrose , humph.. 

The rice was cooked in the rice cooker then mixed with this wonderful salted ghee from Holland..


Stunning rice that! 
Now that seems like a lot of food right? Well yes it is.. Although it got shared/delivered to a couple of neighbours .. And then we ate some.. And now we have some leftovers.. Which we all know will just get better.. 


That was one tasty supper indeedy!  

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  1. Wow! It truly is my favourite week!! Curry Week! And you are the king, Mr. Fitz! 😀


  2. I should have waited to look at your post until after dinner. I am just drooling. I would just love everything that you’ve brought us this week for FF! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Golly Day!! Look at all that yummy food on your plate 🙂

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  4. What you make of ghee easy? X

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  1. Prudys chips ‘n’ hen fried steak  - Good Animals

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