Gyros, doner kebab, doner time, elephant legs… Straw fries, easy yoghurt bread..

haven’t made gyros for ages.. 

And using up stuff prior to our Indian adventure is providing some excellent indoor foraging.. 

This pulled up some beef and pork mince.. Stashed away in August .. and some mutton burgers from redborne school farm..

All defrosted and blitzed up .


With the secret blend of Mr Fitz kebab seasoning..

That goes into a loaf tin, 25 mins.. Then turned out and cooked for a further thirty minutes..

Until this..


Then cooled and sliced thin..this is #fakeaway at its best!

 Onto the breads.. No hang on .. Let’s talk sauces first..

This is an amazing replicant for kebab sauce.. Add a pinch of chilli if you really want the authentic flavour..

Ready for this?

Mint sauce, ketchup and milk.. Yeah really..


Whooped up..

 Seriously this is amazing..

And another sauce too..

Check out these ingredients..


It really is delicious! Just whipped into yoghurt..


Ok sauces done.. 

Bread next..

Equal weights of natural yoghurt and special Chinese self raising flour..

Finger kneaded into a dough, no need to wait on this just pop it into balls,


Rolled out nice and thin..

 And cooked on the iron pan..


And onto the potatoes ..

Using the shredder knife thingy..

 Squeezed out of liquid and fried off in straight up Mrs middletons.. ( you may have noticed a few things going in that recently.. ).. 

A chopped salad and the remainder of the Indian chicken for Mrs Fitz..

Some Turkish peppers.. Oh and some sweet potato fries to top it all off!


Pile it up!

 Yeah!! Yeah yeah yeah yarh..


Why bother with a takeaway huh? This has the softest breads, excellent mutton, pork, beef and chicken.. Crazy tasty sauces.. And crispy crispy potato straws..

Oh I could eat it all again I tells ya! 

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8 replies

  1. That is truly an effing awesome spread my friend!

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  2. My Doner loving son is arriving home from university at midnight tomorrow. Can you ship yours over in time????? I am sure he will also be pining for Julie’s Mexican meatballs. Haven’t made them since he left!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks amazing! I love Gyros, but have never figured out how to get something close o the meat.

    Liked by 1 person

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