Bucks star toad in the hole, plus a fillet for Mrs Fitz, crispy spud skinz , French fine beans and highgrove gravy

well that tells it all right there huh? 

Am still intrigued by bucks star beer.. Did I mention that the sheer ingredients (or lack of).. Have me curious.. 

Check them out here.. 


So I want to try some more food stuff with it.. 

Decided on (well you probably guessed it by now right? 😊)

Toad in the hole.. 

First some excellent chipolata sausages from @sonswollaston with some extra lard on top.. You did read recently that lard etc is better than any of those mixed up can’t believe or olive oil mixed thingies .. Well duh that makes sense already! Just everything in moderation.. 


They are fried off in the tray until kinda cooked.. 

 Meanwhile the Yorkshire batter made up.. 

This time using a packet mix (a goid one with no icky nasties in it!) because I want to add the #bucksstarbeer to it.. 

And it doesnt fail!


Poured over the sausages.. 

 And into a hot oven.. For about twenty or so..

In the meantime.. The crispy skinz, red potatoes baked till soft


Then scooped out into a mix of Chopped fine green onions, garden fresh parsley and Rosemary, plus white pepper, salt and a little Cornish butter.. Plus a good drizzle of very fruity olive oil..

   Adding an egg yolk for extra richness

The skinz refried in straight up Mrs middletons oil.. 


And of course drained on ikea brown paper , that stuff is the business for draining.. Stuff just doesn’t go soft! 

And then the skinz stuffed with the warmed potato mix that chef ping kindly hotted up for me.. 

 Mrs Fitz is not really a fan of toad in the hole so two great pieces of fillet steak for her.. 


The gravy made simply by using this excellent paste by highgrove 


And the French beans boiled in salty water with a little Cornish butter..



For the money shot? 

I haven’t been able to look through the oven door to see if it’s worked or not as the bulb blew a while back.. Must fix that!



Light and puffy.. Risen and a deep savoury taste.. 

All plated up..with a more bucks star number one to wash it down with.. 

Great supper.. Worth the faff indeed.. Well worth it.. 

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