Wild garlic salsa verde steak,  Big red rub pork ribs, ONE veg #optigrill

sometimes you just need a meat fix.. Well  we certainly do!

And with some of the wild garlic salsa verde left in the fridge it just seemed to make sense to schmooze it all over a lovely piece of rump..


And leave it like that a full day.. then wiping off the mix as it’s going into the #optigrill .. As my pal on the other side of the world says.. it’s like some super transformer type of thing going on.. (more on him in a mo..).. 

So in it goes.. Into the #tefaloptigrill And comes out really rather spot on! 

Back to my other side of the world pal.. I really like his posts.. And have wanted a reason to make his big red rub for a while.. Here’s the link to his site.. 

Summer until you can summer no longer…

And I also get to use a rib holder gadget thingy that Mrs Fitz kindly gifted me ony birthday.. It’s a little medival looking I suppose, although seems to hold up the ribs splendidily well.. 

The rub first..


And then onto the ribs.. Left for half a day then into the rib holder upperer..

 Baked at 170 real money degrees for over an hour they smell SUPERB!!!
Then Italian honey onto them and a little wrapping of foil.. 

oh and we had some roasted potatoes too.. With some hot sauce.. 

The meats were just what the meat doctor ordered .. 👊


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