Ox cheek stew (or is it actually ‘cows cheek?)… #realcomfortfood 

Mrs Fitz just adores slow cooked Ox cheeks, I can understand why.. they are like the ultimate beefy beefyness.. they do require long cooking in liquid of sorts though.. 

At least for three hours.. 

This is low and slow at one of its best.. When you turn something pretty inedible into something so so wonderfully delicateesque.. 

First though the ox cheeks.. it does make me wonder as I am sure that they are actually cows cheeks yet nobody likes to mention that.. is it some sort of marketing thing? I reckon it must be.. 

Either way you should get loads for your money.. They should in no way feel expensive to buy.. (Like belly pork used to be huh?😶)

So ox/cows cheeks scored on a red ticket deal to even more soften the cost! Chopped .. well more liked hacker to be fair.. this is tough flesh remember! 

Browned off in some Hungarian spicy salami fat that was in the fridge ( yeah we have that kinda fridge where mysteries are often found..😁).. 

And adding chopped cooks celery, fat carrots, brown onions and parsnips.. The remaining meat dusting cornflour with salt and pepper thrown in to thicken the juices..Water in.. Lid on.. 


Three hours and one day later.. (like any good slow cooked stew it gets better and better with a little age.. )

It’s reheated gently with the addition of just a little more reverse osmosis water.. 

To go with it? 

Excellent French bread with unpasteurised butter.. And a Dijon red potato mash..

Supper up! 


That is one seriously tasty stew!  

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