Lovely leftover lamb lasagna 

how many more ‘L’s could I get in that title huh?

With Easter lamb leftovers just begging to be used up.. It’s chopped up and defatted .. then added to a great passata and some smuggled Italian herbs.. 

Sheets are the really simple ones.. (Although I really did consider making our own until I found these in the cupboard).. 

Simply layered up.. 


And a jar of the dolmio family sauce.. it is non cheese so perfect for me.. Mrs Fitz suggested that perhaps I should have added some of the sauce in between the layers and ‘perhaps’ I should of! Ahh well.. 

Into the oven for forty minutes.. I reckon it could have been done quicker yet Mrs Fitz insisted..

The garlic bread was freezer foraged and oven cooked.. (that’s not burnt it’s a black pan!) heheheh

And how was it?

Wonderful! We are having it again for another meal for sure!!!


Lovely Leftover Lamb Lasagna !  


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2 replies

  1. You have wonderful ingredients and spices that I cannot find out here in the western part of the US. I’ve never seen those pasta sheets from Jamie Oliver.

    I’m not fond of beef lasagna but this looks delicious, much more flavorful.

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    • Much better than the beef version for sure! And as it was the leftover lamb that had been rubbed and slow cooked it was delicious! Just warming some more up with salad and flatbread now for supper!


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