A good walk and vegetarian week

we had an excellent walk the other day.. A good six miles of fields, woods and pastures… 


And to start celebrate the national vegetarian week what better than a roast chicken? (Well I am sure that the chicken was a vegetarian !)..

And with this flavour bomb of a lemon stuffed with garlic and fresh garden Rosemary in its cavity … it was a doozy!


We did though have an overload of veggies with it.. Roast potatoes ,Jolly green giant sweet corn, peas, brussels, purple broccoli, carrots and Yorkshire pudding ( that is a vegetable right?)

And then another celebration of vegetarianism. This wonderful lamb and mint gravy pie.. The pastry being full fat dripping pastry of course! The pie was courtesy of my fabulous friends in earls barton.. All handmade with the finest ingredients.. They also make all the pies for @pieclubgb .. And OH MY GOODNESS! they change the face of pie.. 


With some simple buttered peas spiked with fresh mint and white wine vinegar.. 

Some root veg mash.. ( see loads of veggies!).. 


And snaffled up good!


A great Italian vanilla ice cream in a crisp cone with a strawberry sauce and of course a cadburys flake!


I am LOVING  vegetarian week so far! 😏 

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