#nationalvegetarianweek , cut round bread burgers and crinkly chips 

well I must say that this national vegetarian week is going really rather well .. Ahem.. 

So into this’cut round bread’ burger? Huh? 

Well I don’t know if you ever recall a time when burgers were popular yet laying your hands on burgers buns was not that easy? I sure do!

So what to do instead ? 

Pop a teacup ontop of thick white sliced.. And cut around it.. Simple right? 


Yes that is a ‘proper’ teacup.. Not your little dainty number.. 

Remember it’s about the tea not the pattern on the tea cup!  
Burger station layed out.. chilli gherkins for Mrs Fitz, crunchy iceberg lettuce , sliced brown onions let to steep in a sugar and salt reverse osmosis water to take the eye cry bite out of them.. Mixed jalapeños and jarlsberg cheese ( again for Mrs Fitz)..


The burgers are store bought yet of good quality.. No point messing about here..  
Cooked in the #tefaloptigrill 


Yummy doodle doo!

Assembled.. A double stack for me.. 

The crinkle chips simply baked and tumbled with some fruit vinegar and Maldon salt..  

Mrs Fitz just went fur the full on ‘heels of bread’ burger.. 

Mine was the far more refined .. Toasted cut round bread burger! 

Move over brioche .. You have always been a bit too sweet anyways… 

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