Lebanesey kinda number 

So we have no summer.. it’s official.. well I say it’s official! Perhaps not that official..


So let’s get some sunshine in our food.. and we really dig this kinda food.. 

first these kofta type things.. using beef here.. with a smuggled spice packet.. the spice mix stick blended with oil and white fresh onions.. 

formed into fabulous patties.. and fried off with the addition of some of that wonderful Viking salt.. 

And then these really groovy baby chickens.. butterflied.. again using a spice mix (non smuggled ..)..  smothering them in natural yoghurt..pulling the skin off them and slashing them up like a weird b movie..

They are going into the oven to get their sizzle ..

Some rice is required of course.. ok so I know this smuggled stock cube appears to be just outta date.. it’s home consumption not for one of our wonderful clients! 

That goes into the hounds rice cooker.. rice cookers are cool.. like whayy cool.. with frozen mixed veg also ‘borrowed’ from the hounds store cupboard.. they will never know.. ahem.. 

And a little fine salad dusted with Arabic salad seasoning..

All on the plate? 

And all off the plate.. yummydoodledoo 

I ate the rice and salad post meat.. no seriously I really did.. honest guvnor.. 

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