Lebanesey kinda number 

So we have no summer.. it’s official.. well I say it’s official! Perhaps not that official.. Hmmm.. So let’s get some sunshine in our food.. and we really dig this kinda food..  first these kofta type things.. using beef here.. with… Read More ›

poussin supper

Picked up a couple of poussin a while back that were on a special.. Have they have been tucked away in the big ice box safely.. Decided on them for the Sunday supper.. So defrosted rubbed with mrs Middletons pimped… Read More ›

Kebabs fit for a king

‎My mind wandered into the realms of turrets, elephants, pink castles, shimmering heat and starry nites.. all because of a reduced chicken in the local store.. x I had thoughts of skinning the chuck, marry-nate-ing-it and ‎spatchcoking to roast.. Decided… Read More ›

Anniversary supper

‎It’s our anniversary.. the wedding one.. So what with having Cora Murley and a very bouncy yet tryin to be helpful Mr Wentworth.. it has made supper a wee bit difficult.. Gone for a spatchcocked chuck.. cut the back bone… Read More ›

Chicken saag

‎Dunno why right now… yet am all about the injun.. So went for chicken saag.. with methi (fenugreek) and spinach.. sweated down onions in ghee.. ok.. it ain’t that good for ya.. yet c’mon now.. ghee is good.. let me… Read More ›

Chicken and Ranch

‎Dinner for us? Well after the heavy duty spuds at lunch something lite.. ok.. pre packaged an very un Mr Fitz.. Yet kinda nice.. quick and low down.. ya getme? X

Pappys Ninety First

My Fathers father is 91.. Yup 91 years.. Pretty good! So.. All the Fitzgerald side of the family gets together at his house to say hi to him.. Everyone brings something to eat.. Some cook, some purchase.. All share.. X… Read More ›

Chicken tikka rolls

Gotta love chicken tikka rolls.. With the best franklins farm chicken thighs.. Those chucks have for sure done some scuttlin about.. Tasty as you like! To make the tikka? Ask ya attorney for the spice blend! Woop it up adding… Read More ›