Chicken miso noodle fridge soup

Chicken miso noodle fridge soup??

What is it?

Ummm it’s raining, dark and cold.. So this is a “look around the kitchen and see what you can make soup”..

And a pretty neat number it turned out to be!!

Took some chicken stock.. (that’s as much chicken as this will see!).. Some miso soup paste.. Veg stock.. To the boil (the kettle assisted here ahem x)

Added the remains of a mixed stir fry pack.. The last of the thin green beans.. Some frozen peas.. A handful of sliced chestnut mushrooms.. And some smashed up egg noodles…

A shake of tamari and a drop of oyster sauce, with a drizzle of chilli oil..

And there we have it.. A lovely asiany brothy soupy thingy..

Blinkin tasty though.. And a perfect restorative lunch.. Nice ..




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