Chorizo – esque sausage time!!

It’s Friday.. So happy Friday to one and all.. And to help celebrate this Friday I have made a couple of strings of Mr Fitz chorizo type cooking sausages. .,

These in sheeps casings., a little harder to work with yet produces a nice ‘snap’ to the sausage .. Also they are a little smaller in gauge .. So makes them easier to cook.. Chew.. And enjoy!!

Recipe? Hmmm ummm well you see now.. I kinda don’t have a steadfast one.. Ok.. This is how this batch went..

First find out that you have over ordered some things from your butcher..

Realize you are going to have to make space in your freezers. Decide on some pork mince.. And a couple of bags of fatty pork trim .. Huh? What do you mean you don’t have any fatty pork trimmings?? You really should start a personal collection if you want to make these, or any sausage related stuff!!

Anyhoo .. Soak the skins in water. Ideally over night yet need for speed here people. So keep changing the water and make it a little warm..

In the meantime combine the porky bits together with Mr Gitz secret blend of smoky chorizo seasoning with pin head rusk.. Adding more garlic and onion powder plus some chilli flakes.

Squish squash squish until mixed .. Plus.. No here’s the sciencey bit.. 125grams of water.. Weighed out..

This is what keeps the bangers bangy..

The fats , meats and water do something magical..

Then load up the sausage maker. Ease on the skins.. Delicate buggersr these sheep casings.. Perhaps should have soaked them overnight?? Ahem.. X

Stuff sausages.. Link em up.. Place into the fridge to ‘bloom’ overnight..

Basically they grow into their new pyjamas..

I think Mrs Fitz’s work colleagues will be happy with a few of these.

Happy Friday y’all !!






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