Beans on toast

A simple lunch, supper , or even as an appetiser? A great snack anyways..

Of course the beans have to be heinz!! That’s a given right?

Yet how to make em even better?

Try this out..


Chopped white onion.. Garam masala , tumeric.. Garlic and ginger paste.. And a squidge of ketchup..


All fried up with desi ghee..

Then (as its my dish..).. Salami and chorizo added.. You could actually omit this.. Yet cmon.. You know me by now huh?


I suppose this is a kinda hybrid of the cowboy bacon and beans perhaps?

Add the can of beans and let it bubble up..


Onto toast..



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15 replies

  1. Fun seasonings- I have made cannellini beans (not Heinz :/…) with rosemary & bacon on toast- So good!!


  2. Looks good, Mr. Fitz! You have elevated the humble beans by adding chorizo??? How awesome is that! 😀

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  3. Nope, I am a Campbells girl and have been since my mom first served them – still looks good though 🙂

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  4. Crazy but delicious looking

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