Two day chicken eating

Still on those spatchcock numbers! It really is due to the half price event at waitrose.. This chicken cost 2.37gbp.. Four suppers out of it? You do the math!

And super tasty to boot!


The backbone snipped out.. Ankles snapped off.. Flesh slashed up.. Peri Peri rub all over ..


Cooked on the bars.. Really don’t do that if you have any ocd!!

With the fantastic harlequin potatoes underneath ..


That’s supper one! Served with corn cobs dressed in chilli lime and butter..


Great supper..

Supper two ..

The chicken stripped and liquid smoke added..


A rice dish made with fine French green beans, corn, red onion, chopped sprouts and brown basmati..


Fresh fries.. Who doesn’t like chicken and chips?


Drained of course on ikea brown paper. Gotta get some more of that.. It was the last piece..

This was even greater!


The chicken warmed up with some liquid smoke.. Popped into lettuce cups.. Pomegranate sauce on top ..

Why do leftovers always taste great?

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  1. Yep. There is something about leftovers… Unless they were really shit to start off with, in which case they often stay shit 😉😜

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