Faggots and peas and sausage rolls

Decided to leave behind a few bits of food behind for my grandfather ..

Faggots and peas.. I don’t actually eat them as the heart and liver ain’t my thing! And this was a cheaty easy one any ways!

Good faggots red ticket of course.. Broken in half and rolled up into balls again.. With a Heston blue mental Dijon sauce..

This will make three suppers.. For pennies ..


Onions carrots celery fried off after the faggots were part cooked in sunflower oil.. Couldn’t find any dripping in his kitchen.. Salt and sugar added..


Then all in together with frozen peas.. Cooked down for about twenty minutes..


Am told he has had one already and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The sausage rolls were cheaty all butter puff pastry ..

Some of that twelve hour cooked pork .. Some chestnut stuffing and Bramley apple sauce..


Cut up and into the oven.. I hate using ovens i don’t know! And this is gas too!


They cooked kinda quick!!


Twelve hour pork with chestnut stuffing and apple sauce.. In all butter pastry .. Yeah…


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12 replies

  1. I have only just recently been introduced to the idea of a sausage roll, from Conor Bofin’s blog. I have to say I am intrigued by the idea! 🙂

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  2. All good there. I really need to make some faggots one day – cant buy that shit at the supermarket out here 😄

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  3. The time that you spent together is worth fixing up a meal that you wouldn’t care for. Food and memories, I get it.


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