Malaysian goat curry with @meatlust green sweet chilli sauce rice and crispy onions 

I like that title already.. I like the actual food more! 

Malaysian curry is a bit of a new one on me.. I dig a Chinese curry and of course the injun stuff! Yet thought I would give this a go.. Admittedly I wanted to make a Jamaican style curry.. Yet seem to be out of Jamaican spices.. Darn those clear-out moments right!!! ?


Fried off loads of onions.. Dumped in the spice scored from the Asian hypermarket .. Some garlic , then the superb fresh local goat meat I picked up from my good pal in earls barton, great meat great provenance great price .. Ahem…


The extra bits in there? 

Coconut milk ( a store cupboard find whilst looking for the Jamaican spices!).. Some bay leaves from my grandfathers garden.. And sliced ginger.. 

That’s all cooked down on the diffuser.. If you don’t own a diffuser you really must get one! They are superb.. A wonderful invention.. Nordic I think .. Smuggled back from Copenhagen if I recall ..  
If you are unsure about eating goat.. Try it.. Get it fresh not frozen and local not farmyardy! 

Then the rice .. As you may know we make fresh rice for the hounds every day.. So taking some of that rice.. Into the pots.. Crispy onions and @meatlust sweet green chilli sauce added along with some unsalted butter and southern cyprus salt.. Yeah.. That’s cool right there ..


The cooked down Malaysian goat curry plopped on top… 

That’s pots of loveliness indeed… 


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3 replies

  1. oh wow that sounds amazing! I hate it when you run out of stuff too,I often have the opposite issue, end up buying big bags of stuff, a lot of the ethnic stuff comes in 500g containers and then not using it up fast enough, but still keeping it, until it loses it’s flavour…Great reading your blog again. Set some time aside on purpose today!


    • it really was a winner!
      thanks for setting sometime aside!

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      • Yes it was about time, I have missed so much, and you have so much going on over on your blog, I may need to just plan 2 hours a week to read posts on my fave blogs. I’ve been missing reading them, but as you can see I haven’t posted any food for ages, it’s all I can do to get a weekly fountain up, which was meant to be an addon not a replace all..


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