A couple of chicken suppers.. Shredded chicken tacos, chicken wings with Vinces potatoes, St michaels asparagus, peas and artichokes hard salad .. 

A couple of chicken suppers recently.. 

The first snaffling some of the hounds roasted free range chicken..  ( that’s the good thing about cooking chooks for the bassets you get to grab some when they ain’t looking!).. 

That’s shredded up.. Mixed with some spice and ancho chilli.. Fried off..squirted with sweet green chilli  @meatlust sauce ( we are going through loads of that in the catering business right now!).. A salsa chopped up with shallots and heritage tomatoes, fresh coriander, parsley and mint…

Into hard taco shells expertly heated by chef ping.. 

Doubly delicious… 

Chicken outing number two.. 

Having scored some excellent chicken wings the needed dusting in Peking style seasoning .. Then a little cornflour and fried off in uncle bens wok with Mrs middletons oil… 

The awesome salad made by boiling up some of my pals allotment potatoes .. Seriously nothing better than fresh out of the ground potatoes.. ( admittedly a couple of days out of the ground yet you get what I mean right?)… 

We are really lucky to have one of thirty super St Michael stores … Or M&S to the more modern of us.. Ahem…

They make fresh salads and interesting other bits.. And actually do create them in store .. Some really interesting stuff . There were some good looking Japanese stuffed squid bodies.. Not for me yet interesting to see!

That salt there in the pic is this very cool southern cyprus salt.. It’s stunning… And again some @meatlust sauces.. Chinese bbq to accentuate the Peking seasoning.. ( accentuate !! Hehehhehehe check me out!).. 

Great chicken suppers … No need for #boringchicken 

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