Poulet noir chicken ? Yes please!

Winner winner.. well you know the rest right? 

Let’s first talk chicken.. we are not talking the two for less than a tenner jobs in the supermarkets.. fine for the hounds and heavy marination.. not really that fine for eating .. not when what you want is to actually taste the wonderfulness of a real deal chicken.. that memory invoking number.. the one that also means you eat a lot less meat! 

Fabulous taste equals less required .. you do the math! Spend a bit more on the bird.. yet eat less of it… makes perfect sense to me! 

There is a amazing store near my fathers house in Amsterdam.. that just sells chickens.. seriously good chickens.. 

luckily not that far from us is also a great farm that does all kinds of poultry.. and excellent chickens of different types.. 

and I was in mind for a poulet noir.. or a bresse.. (although not available unfortunately..)..

So what is the poulet noir? Well it’s the Blackfoot chicken..

Well according to google..

Black leg chicken is a favourite with top chefs. These free range French chickens are bred for flavour, farmed using traditional methods and fed a natural diet. 

Also known as Poulet Noir, these birds are recognisable by their distinctive black legs, and are known for having a game-like texture and very little fat., and are known for having a game-like texture and very little fat.
So there you go!

Here is the lucky chicky..

Just smudged with jersey butter and truffle oil..

Remember that these chickens need a little help with fat.. 

so let’s roast some spuds in goose fat too… 

Yorkshire puds.. chimichurri .. bread and french butter and veggies.. 

That’s a fabulous winner winner chicken din…. well you know the rest!


the leftovers? 

Fantastic tomato bread rubbed with garlic.. pea shoots and lettuces.. and the best poulet noir leftovers .. 

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  1. Nice. And the chicken shop still there and very popular:) x

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